Digital Flyers for the Digital World

When marketing an event for your business, such as an open house, we use to create printable flyers to pass out, mail or hang up at locations that will attract your potential customers/clients. With it being the digital age, not much has changed except the fact we don’t print as much as we use to. We have a need now for “digital flyers” for use online. Instead of passing out flyers, mailing them, or hanging them up at different locations. We now share them on our “News Feed”, similar to passing them out. We post them in our “Stories”, similar to hanging them up at a location. And we “DM” them or “Direct Message” them to followers, similar to mailing them out.

Or course, we could do all 6 of these ways and really tackle the market. But it all depends on your audience and what they use to receive their information about events and upcoming products. When you are working with a marketing company or even if you are working in-house with a team member, it’s important to create all the different sizes you need to promote. I find the main difference in the Digital work is we need to create a normal size flyer (8.5 x 11), FB and Twitter Cover banner, FB events banner, Instagram size post, and even one for stories.

It’s a lot more work than before, but the benefits of having each one specific to the platform you are using makes you look more professional. To me, there is nothing more unprofessional looking than posts that cut off details to try to fit it to the dimensions of your platform. Take the extra step to prep your material for the digital era.

Let me ask you, do you see cut off designs when scrolling through your news feed? Do you notice ads that crop video where you can’t see text or part of the video? Do you buy from those companies? Or does it feel a little unprofessional that they didn’t take the time to provide the proper sizing for their posts and ads? For us, we find it extremely important to give your customers or clients the best impression of you and to create all forms of your digital flyer that you need.

Here is an example of a recent “Open House” Digital flyer that was created for Elevate Studios! We created a flyer, instagram post, and FB Banner. You can check out Elevate Studios buy clicking this link:

If you are looking for Design help, feel free to email us at:

Also check out our Design page on our website:

Elevate Studios Ad Open House Digital Flyer


Open House 2019 Digital Flyers for Elevate Studios


Open House 2019 Digital flyers

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