I was looking for a pedal board for my acoustic rig, but I wanted something small and priced fairly. I found someone on eBay (pedal-board-guy) who makes custom pedal boards perfect for what I needed. I give this board a “4 out 5 stars” based on construction, craftsmanship, and the void it filled for what I was looking for. The reason it’s not 5 out of 5 is just because there is no case to put it in or it comes with, so you just have to be careful when you transport your pedals. But I did know that going into the sale, and couldn’t beat the price on it. I’m super happy with it, and think it’s a great fit for what I needed. I encourage you to check it out!

I’m starting an Acoustic Project that I hope to bring to you in the very near future. Keep checking back for updates to that!

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