I just recently completed this new Design Project for Elevate Studios. They had their 4 annual Spring show this past weekend and it was so much fun. I normally run live sound for these shows as well and record them as well. I’ll be putting up a clip from the show soon so you can check it out.

Designing for Elevate Studios is always fun because I can take a little more creative freedom in my design and it doesn’t always have to look so corporate. I don’t mind the corporate look as those designs are very clean and sleek looking. But to once in a while “Draw outside the lines” as I call it, it can be very fun. So below you will find a couple of designs that were used for promoting the event. We have a flyer, Facebook event banner, and a TV slide for promoting inside the studio. I also created their Playbill for the event but don’t have that pictured below.


Hit The Stage 4 flyer IBLP Design Hit The Stage 4 slide and banner IBLP Design

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