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What is Sound Design? *Sound design is the art of creating an aural environment for audiences. Holistical sound design encompasses dialogue, music, and sound effects. In some productions for television, cinema, theater, radio and podcasting, audiobooks, and video game design, a single person is responsible for all of these aural elements. 

Have you ever heard a dog meow? Or a train sound like a taxi? No? Neither have we. Sound Design is an important element to make you feel immersed in something that you are watching or listening too. It’s important to create something believable for your viewer or listener. 

  • Film – Sometimes everything in a Film needs to be recreated with sound effects and sound design. Think of an animation, there is no on set sound. You have to design it all.
  • Video – Creating a simple video for promoting your business or even making YouTube Videos, they can benefit from music, sound effects and more.
  • Podcasts – Get your Podcast sounding more professional by adding an intro/outro or add background music while you are talking. This can help the listener visualize better what you are talking about.
  • Audiobooks – Have you ever listened to an Audiobook? Usually, it’s just someone reading through the book. Have you listened to an Audiobook that has added effects and background sounds? It can give a whole new experience to the listener. 
  • Custom – We can build out any custom sounds for you to give you a custom sound just set up for you. 

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Custom Ambience Sound Design for Locksmith Escape Games, Sanford FL

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Content for you to use in your videos, podcast, video games and more. Creating content is something we love to do!

We decided to use the days we were closed due to the pandemic to upgrade some of our games. One of the upgrades was custom audio. Mark went above and beyond making sure we had the right ambiance for our Escape Room. He helped us figure out the best way to take the player on a journey, making the experience more intense as their time ran out. Thank you Mark for your dedication!!

Iris Cerella

Co-Owner, Locksmith Escape Games

Check out more content on our YouTube Channel: Sound Effects

Custom Sound Effects


Some sounds are not naturally occurring and need to be created. These are what are known as sound effects. It can either be creating a new sound from scratch. Let’s say you need to create a laser gun sound or a futuristic space craft flying. These are not natural so you would create a new sound from recorded sounds and blend them together.

Also, when it comes to movies and film, we like to make things BIG sounding. A normal explosion might not sound as massive in real life as in a movie. That’s because in a movie you might blend a couple of explosion sounds, the roar of a lion pitched down, a few different sounds of fire, and make a sub low bass trigger. All of this together can make a movie explosion sound BIG.

Sound effects are used more frequently that you may think. Here a just a few examples where you might need sound effects.

  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Animations
  • Promotional Videos
  • AudioBooks


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