Hit The Stage 4 Designs

I just recently completed this new Design Project for Elevate Studios. They had their 4 annual Spring show this past weekend and it was so much fun. I normally run live sound for these shows as well and record them as well. I'll be putting up a clip from the show soon...

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Summer Camp Rack Card Design

Rack Card Design for Elevate Studios Here is my most recent completed project I can share. This is a 5x7 Rack Card for Summer Camp Marketing with Elevate Studios. I also Included various versions of the design that were used for their Facebook Banner as well as for...

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Shuffle Drum Loop

So I've been away from making music now for about 7 months... WOW! That is way to long to set away from creating music. As most of you know, I have a YouTube channel where I like to put up drum loops, or drum beats, or drum samples, whichever way you like to reference...

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Welcome New Readers

I just wanted to welcome some of my new readers and introduce myself. I'm an audio engineer that has been recording and mixing for about 10 years now. I love working with people in the music world and love to learn new techniques when it comes to recording and mixing....

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So You Want to Record an Album

I started a 3 Part mini blog over at Elevate Studios' website. You can read it here http://www.elevatestudios.org/are-you-getting-ready-to-record-an-album/ This blog is great for the beginner musician getting ready to record your first Album or EP. It gives a...

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Mixing Guitar Tracks

Here is a video I put together while I was mixing a song for cover band "Phoenix 90". In this video I talk about using EQ to help your electric guitar sit better in the mix. There are different ways to approach EQ'ing guitar, but you always want to find what works...

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