Podcasting has become one of the most popular ways of content creation. As a fast-growing industry, there are many podcast episodes and shows that cover any topic you can think of. It is no surprise that most brands have decided to seize the opportunity and start creating podcasts of their own to help promote their brands and build their audience.

But after creating an impressive podcast, how do you make sure it gets to your target audience? While getting your friends and family to view your podcast is great, you will need to reach a wider audience and that’s where social media comes in. You will need to understand how to use social media to promote your podcast. The internet is full of blogs, videos, pictures, so you have to find a niche, no matter how small, to promote your content.


Is it really necessary to promote your podcast on social media?


Social media is the best place to find and engage listeners. Seventy-one percent of small-to-mid-sized businesses use social media to market themselves, and 51% of them are doing it to increase conversion. Many startups and small-sized businesses use podcasts to gain new followers and study the market. There are so many people using social media on a daily basis, and directing your podcast to these active users will help you find those who like your podcast pitch. Promoting your podcast can help:

  • Increase your return investment: when compared to other expensive forms of advertising, promoting your podcast on social media will help ensure a higher return on investment.
  • Develop an audience that enjoys and interacts with your content.
  • Establish a professional brand authority in your chosen podcast niche.
  • Broaden your media creativity to include not only audio but also visual and written formats.


Platform for podcast promotion


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram


Simple ways to market your podcast on social media

Here are five tips on how to easily promote your podcast on social media.

1. Find a niche to focus on and choose a social media platform to promote.

Promoting your podcast on multiple platforms may sound challenging, so you need to find a platform where your audience is the most active. If your content niche is targeted towards younger people, you should try Instagram and Snapchat. Are you starting up a professional podcast? LinkedIn is a better platform for marketing.

2. Create posts for each episode

This is another great way of marketing your podcast. After publishing a new podcast episode, you should create a unique post on the social media platform your page is on to promote the episode.

3. Make use of hashtags and pair them with popular ones

If you decide to promote your podcast on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, hashtags are needed. Just make sure to use those that are more relevant to your content and audience.

4. Make use of each social media feature to promote your podcast 

You can make use of stories and live streaming features to interact with your audience. You can also organize polls, quizzes, and announce any future collaborations to keep your listeners updated.

5. Create unique content and videos to support your podcast 

Besides creating content extracted from the show itself, you can create unique content, graphics, and short clips to keep your audience anticipating the next episode.

You should learn to treat your podcast and social media pages as your brand, and the right audience will give you the attention you deserve.




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