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Picture yourself out on the balcony of your cruise ship and just enjoy the sounds of the ocean and waves crash against the ship. Take yourself on a ride where you are on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. I took a vacation over a year ago where we went on another cruise and I brought along my handheld audio recorder. Every time we go on a cruise I love the way it sounds as we sail through the ocean and you can hear the waves hit the ship and fold over on top of each other. It’s one of the most peaceful sounds and so easy to fall asleep to it. I wanted to bring those cruise ship sounds home with me to be able to listen to them at any time. This is a recent video I posted on my YouTube channel under my library of soundscapes and sounds effects. This is great for helping you sleep, study and focus, or if you need sounds that resemble being on a cruise ship.

There are many benefits to listen to different soundscapes. They can help you study, they can take you back to a different time in your life, good or bad. They can help you relax and even sleep. If you have tinnitus like I do, then it can help drown out the constant ringing that you hear in your head. My favorite thing about sound effects though is that it can transform you to a different place instantly.

That is why these cruise ship sounds brings me back to feeling like I’m on vacation and all troubles just seem to melt away. The only problem is once I open my eyes I notice I’m not really there. Click below to listen to some cruise ship sounds from the last time we were out at sea!

If you enjoy the cruise ship sounds and other sound effects and soundscapes like these, I highly encourage you to click the link below and check out my YouTube channel or contact me to have a custom sound design made specifically for you.

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If you are looking for more sound effects or ambient sounds from me, check out my other blogs or YouTube Channel:



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