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Hey Everyone,

For those of you that have been following me for years know that I love to create music and productions material. About a year ago I launched my YouTube channel for my business page and it’s slowly getting filled with Sound Effects, Sound Ambience, and Drum Loops.

I recently launched my new Sound Effect which was recorded at a Florida Resort Hotel in the Lobby Restaurant/Bar area. The hardest challenge of course was to not get myself or my family talking during the recording of it. What’s interesting is listening to what was recorded after the fact compared to what I thought I heard while I was there. They sound different, and the recording makes the room ambience sound louder than I thought it actually was.

It’s great to record and capture audio at different times and areas and listen back to them. I recently recorded a very severe¬† Thunderstorm outside my home and can’t wait to listen and dive into that one. Some of the thunder was so loud it peeked on my meters, even with the volume set very low. I hope that it’s still usable audio. Until then, enjoy this new Sound Effect/Ambient Sound that I create from a Hotel Lobby!



If you are looking for more sound effects or ambient sounds from me, check out my other blogs or YouTube Channel:



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