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One of the biggest issues most start up businesses have is the fact that they don’t budget for marketing their services. Most entrepreneurs spend the money on assets they may need to run their business. Things such as rent, computers, software, tools and/or equipment, lawyers and sometimes even employees to start, are generally the first expenses you encounter setting up a business.

Most people feel that they have enough word of mouth buzz to be able to get customers and clients at the beginning phase of their business. While this is mostly correct, once those first few clients or customers purchase from you, your need for proper marketing services increases. Marketing should be budgeted at 30% of your monthly expenses, at least 30%. This is a good starting off point for your business until you learn what your cost per lead will be.

With that in mind, some marketing services that you may want to use for your business could be Pay-Per-Click Services, running ads on Social Media, Direct Mailings, or even a standard flyer that you can email or drop off to clients that highlight your company.

With all this being said, here is a flyer we created that is simple and yet effective for a close friend for his start up HVAC Commercial company in Virginia. This flyer, while simple and affordable, allows him to email it to potential customers or even leave it after a current job in hopes of that person passing on their services to someone else. That would be your typical “word of mouth” promotion we are talking about.

It doesn’t take much to market your business but you want to have a solid plan for it. This is something you always want to have at the forefront of your mind and plans. You can check out this client by visiting his website which we also created for him here: https://titanhvacva.com/ 


Titan HVAC Digital Flyer Marketing

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