One of my favorite things to do is to make my own XLR cables. Recently I made two 25 foot cables and two 30 foot cables for a customer.

Why do I make my own and not buy them?

The answer is simple. I can make high quality cables for a fraction of the cost. Most cables are made the same, so the big difference between them all is craftsmanship. Being able to solder your own connections and seeing the quality put in, helps you trust the fact your cable will last a long time.

What to look for when making a cable?

First, start with a high quality connector that grips and seals the cable well. This will help from the wear and tear of pluging it in and out, as well as from winding up the cable. I usually use gold tip neutrik connectors. Second, I don’t get the highest end cable out there, but I find something with low noise and that is flexible.

These are a few great tips to start with your own cable making.

Making your own XLR cables (studio DIY) 1

Making your own XLR cables (studio DIY) 2

Making your own XLR cables (studio DIY) 3

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