So I’ve been away from making music now for about 7 months… WOW! That is way to long to set away from creating music. As most of you know, I have a YouTube channel where I like to put up drum loops, or drum beats, or drum samples, whichever way you like to reference them.

This weekend I finally had some time to catch up and work on some new material. I had a “Shuffle” Drum beat idea tossing around for a few months but I never finished it. I got the idea for the beat from Misha Mansoor, guitarist from Periphery, while watching one of his drum programing tutorials.

He had this informative video on just programing in Cubebase and I was looking to find a better editor than what is in Protools. While watching it he programmed this beat that I just loved and I created a version similar to it but with my own flair to it. So here you go, enjoy this new Shuffle Drum Loop/Beat 🙂

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