Uptempo Drum Beat 120 BPMUptempo Rock Drum Loops 120 BPM

With the growing use of drum samples and drum programs, many musicians are finding a need to create music themselves. What I love about this, is the fact that so much more music is being made. Not I’m not saying that all this music is great, but that fact that it drives people to be creative is what I love about it.

If you play an instrument like guitar, bass, piano or another string instrument, there is nothing better than writing or recording with a drum beat in the back ground. Soon I will be releasing a drum pack that you can purchase with various styles of drums and different BPMs. As I grow my library of drum loops, I have been releasing them on my YouTube channel for everyone to play along and practice with.

My most recent release is a Uptempo drum beat at 120 BPM. This can be found below and on my most recent release on YouTube. I’ve also recently starting working with a great company called One Million Loops. You can check out their website here: https://www.onemillionloops.com/

They are a loop based website and app that can help you with learning your instrument. Check out how it works here: https://www.onemillionloops.com/how-it-works/



If you are looking for more sound effects or ambient sounds from me, check out my other blogs or YouTube Channel:

Blog: https://izzosbluelightproductions.com/blog/

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP91el8Gqz98VCPJuEReH2A

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